Autism Spectrum Instructional Resource ASPIRE


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the scientific discipline devoted to the application of behavioral principles for the purpose of modifying behavior. Since its inception, ABA has undergone and stood up to rigorous scientific research. It is now considered by many researchers to be the most effective treatment for autism and other related disorders.

ABA has at its core the principle that behaviors which are reinforced will be strengthened. An applied behavior analytic approach seeks to break complex tasks into smaller components which can then be shaped through reinforcement. Often referred to as the ABC's of behavior analysis, the contingency of antecedent-behavior-consequence is at the core of every intervention.

A typical ABA program offered by ASPIRE will start with a thorough assessment by one of our consultants. Through a combination of interview, testing, and observation we will identify target behaviors for change. A comprehensive, individualized program is then developed with care taken to promote generalization and maintenance of skills learned. Program implementation is typically carried out in the home in sessions lasting between 2-3 hours.

The most common areas addressed include decreasing challenging behavior and improving communication/social, self-help/adaptive, play, academic, fine and gross motor skills. More advanced programs focus on executive functioning and theory of mind concepts.